Review for Rogue (Croak, #3)

Review for Rogue (Croak, #3)

Rogue (Croak, #3) Small review because a lot of things happened that are spoilers and I don’t want to spoil this epic book.

So the story immediately starts where left off in the previous book, and while it has been a year, I never felt the need to read the previous book again, I was just sucked in the book immediately and it was like I just took a break and continued reading the book.
Which is really great, some books have little recaps and while that is nice, I think it wouldn’t have fitted this book.

And what a ride this book was, I can say, I was sad because of a lot of things, I even cried a few times. Yes it was that sad! But I also laughed a thousand times and enjoyed the book.

Thanks Gina Damico, for the awesome book, and I really hope you will write a new series!

5 Stars

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