Review for The Girls of No Return

Review for The Girls of No Return

The Girls of No ReturnI really really loved this book. I was at first worried how it might turn out, but in the end I loved it.

The book switches between Now (after camp) and the past (at the camp and a small part before that), we slowly find out what happened at that camp that was so traumatising and what was so important.

I really liked the main character, ok, maybe not in the beginning, but I slowly started liking her, understanding her and her anger towards things.

Her bunkmates and also friends she got at the camp were all interesting, and made me want to know more.
Some characters were just scary or manipulative (pardon my French) bitches.

I really liked how everything was described in details. I could really see the camp, see them sitting at the lake named Bob. Saw them in a circle talking about their Things.

In overall, this was a wonderful book, and I hope the author will continue to write such awesome books.

5 Stars

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