Review for What Once We Feared (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #0.4)

Review for What Once We Feared (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #0.4)

What Once We Feared (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #0.4) I was really psyched to see a new part in this series. After all the ending of the third book, was well so-so. (still hoping for a new book or at least letting us know how it all will end for real.)

Anyway, this book is set many many years before the events of Forest of Hands and Teeth, to be exact, it all happened when the outbreak started (well ok, a few weeks after it).

It was an awesome short novella, even though it was short, I must say it felt quite complete. Though of course I still very much hope for a new series, set during this outbreak time, I would love to see how the whole Forest and everything happened. Carrie Ryan’s writing style is awesome, I like how everything and everyone is described.

I really loved our main character, he was cool-headed, but also knew there was practically no hope left for them, but despite that he just continued onwards.

The zombies are once again scary as hell, and there are enough details that are pretty gory.

This novella is really short (only about 20 or so pages), and I really wish for more about the outbreak and about our main characters. I am sure there is enough to write about.

In overall, a really good novella, but again, I am really hoping for more!!

5 Stars

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