Review for 3:59

Review for 3:59

3:59 This book was not what I expected. :\

I expected: 2 mirrors, 2 parallel worlds, 2 girls and a switch, one gets stuck and needs to find a way back home before it is too late.

I got: 2 mirrors, 2 parallel worlds, 2 girls and a switch and a headache because of a whole poo pile of Quantum physics, time fabrics and more Physics and science.

Really dear lord, was all that necessary? A lot of the stuff just went right over, ok, right through my head like arrows. Nice and all, but I didn’t understand most of it and I was kind of annoyed with it. I felt the book would have been good without all that stuff.

Also the whole instant love with the Nick in the parallel world, seriously? In the other dimension he dumped you, no even cheated on you! And you are still pining for him and drooling over him at every moment?

And seriously someone just got eaten???? And you are kissing and almost going to a few bases while there is a dead body (well if there is anything left) next to you?? WTF?

2 stars (though bordering on 1 star). -2 for Quantum Physics and all that poo, -1 for expectation shattering.

2 Stars

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