Review for Al Capone Does My Shirts

Review for Al Capone Does My Shirts

Al Capone Does My Shirts This was an amazing book. It had moments of humour but also a lot of sad moments.

I absolutely loved Moose, he was a wonderful friend, a great brother and more.

Poor Natalie, autism these days is something that can be helped, it can be lived with, as long as you learn how to handle your autism, how to live with it. Also enough help for the family members, how they can best handle her or help her. And there are enough institutions these days that people can be helped. Sadly in her time (1930s) it wasn’t that easy. It was really heartbreaking to see her, her tantrums, how she fought, how she screamed, how she was so much like a child. A few times I cried a bit. So sad. Not only for her, but for her parents, for her brother, for everyone.

I loved the way the whole book took place on Alcatraz. I also loved the map that came with the book.

The only thing I didn’t like, was Piper. Piper was like the only character in the whole book that I truly disliked. A person who I just wanted to erase from the book. She had a few good things, but mostly she was just mean, sliming her way through life. Acting mean towards those who are different. I really hope that in the next book she will change a bit.

4 Stars

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