Review for Fortunately, the Milk . . .

Review for Fortunately, the Milk . . .

Fortunately, the Milk . . . Fortunately, the Milk

This, this was just the most epic book I have read this year. It was cute, fluffy and it combined Aliens, Natives, Pirates, Dinosaurs, Dwarves, Wumpires and of course the Milk and so much more in one complete insane, wonderful story!

It was a bit confusing considering that there are 2 different books, same story, but different artists and also slightly different titles (Fortunately, the Milk and Fortunately, the Milk. . .. I was already wondering what happened to Chris Riddell’s style of drawing. And then I found this.
Even Neil Gaiman was a bit confused.

So of course I had to read and buy the Chris Riddell version! And what an improvement. Sorry to the other illustrator, your work was also lovely, but nothing can tip Chris Riddel’s art. It was just wonderful and beautiful, and also it was funny to see how much the father looked like Neil Gaiman.

It was a wonderful book, and the illustrations will get a *****+ stars (if only I could do that!). Thanks Neil Gaiman, thanks Chris Riddell! Hope you two will continue working together for a long time.

5 Stars

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