Review for I Am Pusheen the Cat

Review for I Am Pusheen the Cat

I Am Pusheen the Cat Received this book as an ARC from the publisher on NetGalley.

Pusheen is in one word Love. When I saw there was a book coming out I had to try to get the arc for it, and I did!

I am so happy I got this book. I love Pusheen and I love her antics, and she is just adorable.

One thing I found sad was that because E-readers are in black/white you miss quite a lot of things. The pictures look less life-like and it just looks a bit plain. Can’t wait until colour-readers are normal prices and also in more formats (sony/kobo etc.), that way if you have an arc and can only read it on your e-reader it will at least will have colours, that would make arcs for comics way better.

Other than that, the book was really lovely. I loved everything, I had a whole lot of laughs (and my boyfriend too when I showed him parts of the book), Pusheen is just adorable. I am also really happy we also saw her sister, Stormy, and parts of her life.

Some of the comics I already knew from blogs or feeds, but a whole lot were new to me. The illustrations are on paper just as cute as I what I saw on blogs or feeds.

I will be sure to buy this book (in colour) when it comes out in paperback. And I would recommend this book to everyone who likes: Cats, Funny Stories, Daily Life, Adorableness.

5 Stars

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