Review for Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon

Review for Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon

Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon Received an ARC from the publisher at Netgalley.

Finally this wonderful, epic game gets a comic book! I loved, no adored the game, it was a really brilliant idea to have plants fight zombies!

So in this book we meet Nate and Patrice (who also happens to be Crazy Dave’s (yes THE Crazy Dave) niece), in the beginning everything is fine, until they look out of their tree house window and see ZOMBIES!

They soon hurry to Dave, because, well even though he is clearly crazy, he is also brilliant and knows how to stop the zombies! Patrice is the only one who can understand his garbled nonsense speak so she acts as translator.

It was really wonderful to see the plants again (they were soooooo cute in this form, especially the sunflowers), and to go: “”Oh, look! There is the zombie with that traffic cone!”” Or “”Oh, look! There is the zombie who likes to dive!”” My boyfriend also liked to watch with me when I pointed them out. 🙂

I loved the plot and how it worked out, not always do games make good comics because of how they are made, and I was a bit worried about this one. But after reading this I can say it is more than just garden fighting, no we travel through the whole town, we have to search for the plants, for new things! The characters are great, I really liked them and how they acted towards each other.

The illustrations are really fantastic and beautifully made, I was really pulled into the story.

I will be sure to buy this book, so that my boyfriend can read it too, since he had so much fun watching me point out zombies and plants. 🙂

Thanks for allowing me to read this comic!

5 Stars

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