Review for Roomies

Review for Roomies

Roomies I was one of the 500 lucky people who got an arc of this book on Netgalley!!! dances

This book is written from 2 POVs. You got Elizabeth or EB who lives in New Jersey and you got Lauren who lives in San Francisco.

The both are going to college soon, for one it means travelling over the whole continent, for another it is quite close to home. They find out they are roommates and they start with mailing each other. At first hesitant but soon more open.

I really, really loved this book! I was a bit worried it would only be emails that would be sent, but no it was also a story of 2 girls in different environments who are going through the phase of life that is college and moving away from house. They experience love, friendship and so much more.

I loved the characters. Both had their good sides and bad sides and it was all perfectly balanced. I loved the email parts, they made me smile or sad depending on what was said. I was cheering for them both, and I though I never moved away from college or something, I know the feeling of leaving home, leaving your friends and parents and I know that feeling is one of confusing and also a hint of sadness.

It all felt real, and I must say this is one of the better books about college/going to college and roommates. I will be sure to buy this book when it comes out in paperback.

I would recommend this to everyone. If you are going to college, in college or if you just want a good story about two girls and their lives, then this book is perfect for you.

5 Stars

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