Review for The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas

Review for The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas

The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas Imagine this, your uncle starts a fish factory, right in his house.

You are moved out of your room into a cupboard. You get a chance to celebrate your birthday, and you win some goldfish at a fairground.
Then at night your uncle bakes and pulps your goldfish into a can for a new line, leaving you with one little goldfish.
What would you do?

a Stay home and plot a lovely revenge?
b Run away to the fairgrounds and travel with the people there.

If you picked a, then I would suggest you drop this book and find another one. This just isn’t for you.

If you picked b, then congrats! You will love this book! Since Stanley does just that, he runs away, taking his one goldfish with him and joins the fairground people.

I really really loved this book. It was hilarious, silly, and a bit gruesome (the poor goldfish), you will shiver in delight at many of the things happening, you will cheer for Stanley in his many things he does.

Stanley was just a lovely character, I really liked him. I liked how he kept working hard, no matter what came on his path. I loved how he went from goldfish to piranhas. From a sad, lonely boy, to a boy with a superstar future!

The side characters were absolutely wonderful. Mr. Dostoyevsky was a great character, he really cared about Stanley, and for his daughter. Nitasha was a bit of grumpy character but you find out soon why this is like that. Then we have Pancho the man who swims with the piranhas.

What I didn’t like or at least what confused me, was the DAFT agency men. It felt to me like the writer just put in a bad guy, and totally forgot to tell us why he put them in there. Their spelling was horrendous, atrocious, their ways mysterious. And I found it a shame.

But other than that little thing, the rest is perfect. I am sure children, but also adults will love this book and embrace Stanley.

5 Stars

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