Review for The Bully Book: A Novel

Review for The Bully Book: A Novel

The Bully Book: A Novel This book was interesting, but also quite depressing. I also skipped through the bully pages, they just made me feel sick. :\

I really hated the attitude of the teachers in the school. Never did they once help Eric, no as soon as something happens they believe the bullies. It is sad, but I know this also happens in real life. Teachers just turning a blind eye.

I do however started to like and cheer for Eric. And I am really glad that in the end he was able to stand up and do something. Though the ending wasn’t really that great. I felt it was just the easy way out.

Also the principal? Seriously? You made that book, the book that destroys lives, and you just do nothing? You don’t know about the locker changes? Really sad that the principal, the author of the book, can just be a principal. I am sorry to say, but since he has no regrets or anything, I don’t think he is a good principal.

2 Stars

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