Review for The Killing of Kayla Sloane

Review for The Killing of Kayla Sloane

The Killing of Kayla Sloane Not a long review, but a short one. (sick, but I feel like writing a review)

When I first pre-ordered this book I was confused. The two titles differ greatly from each other. Dead and Buried to The Killing of Kayla Sloane.

I must say, now after reading this book, that I find the second title more fitting to the book.

The book itself was really wonderful and great. I loved how terrifying it was at times, how it first started all fluffy but soon escalated to something terrible and scary.

Kayla (our ghost) is a total mean girl. She was that when she was alive, but in her death she is even more so. I can kind of understand it, when no one can see you, you are desperate to know who killed you, but still, I am sure she could also have tried nicer ways.

Our main character Jade was a really nice and great character, I really loved her and how she interacted with people. And she was quite a Nancy Drew.

The book left me guessing until the end, it wasn’t who I thought it would be.

I would recommend this book to everyone who loves ghosts, paranormal, love, romance and a bit of sleuthing.

5 Stars

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