Review for The Waves

Review for The Waves

The Waves (The Island, #2) Received an ARC from the writer on NetGalley.

First of all, thanks Jen Minkman for giving me the chance to read this wonderful book! I was really excited to read the second book.

And what a ride it was! The books follows Walt, the man/boy we met in the previous book, and this book is all about him. About the before-Leia time, but also about the after time. About all the things he discovered. I really loved Walt, he is a wonderful character and despite a lot of things that happened he just kept going.

I remembered what a shock it was to find out about what happened back in the past, and why everyone was on the island. In this book it is told from the point of Walt, and again, it was quite a shock, especially since while the past is the same, the 2 sides are so different in what they have been told and what they believed. I felt sorry for all of them there, waiting for a Goddess and finding out she is actually a boat and not a human or goddess or anything.

Around half of the book we finally meet Leia! It is so wonderful to read about her and it was really fun and nice to finally see Walt’s take on how it went. And what happened when he had that book.

The end, wow, it was just wow. I can’t really say more then that. It was beautiful, and I am kinda hoping for a third book, since I really want to know if they ever get to Cornwall or even further!

The first book was awesome, well this one is epic! The story, the characters, the details, everything is just perfect. Thanks Jen Minkman for writing these books. 🙂

5 Stars

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