Review for A Really Awesome Mess

Review for A Really Awesome Mess

A Really Awesome Mess Normally I don’t write or rate books that I haven’t finished. But sorry, this book is an exception.

I did not finish this book. I dropped the book about halfway.


Emmy + Justin. 2 totally annoying, whiny and bleh characters.

Emmy is all boohoo the world left her and oh boohoo I am fat and I totally don’t need anger management (this said while screaming it out loud). In the beginning I was like: Aww, that sucks for you, sorry to hear about the bullying, but by halfway of the book I was like: Oh shut up and do something useful with your life, it is not like you didn’t have any fault in what happened.

Then we got Justin. Ah Justin, a big idiot and though he doesn’t think so, he likes sex. What did he do? Oh he wanted to prank his mom, you know for attention, and what did he pick for prank? Oh just taking a whole bunch of Tylenol. Of course any normal person would know this is a big NO-NO and that you might die from it. Justin… Justin just didn’t know, thought it would be funny. rolls eyes
The way Justin talks through the book just annoyed me highly.

IN short, I won’t be reading this book further, and I would advise people to not read this.

1 Stars

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