Review for Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood

Review for Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood

Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood Received ARC from Netgalley.

This was fun, it all started with an allergy that none of the family on the mother’s side had. So it must be dad, sadly dad is not around, never was. And thus begins Abby’s renewed curiosity regarding her dad.

This book was absolutely cute, and fluffy. I really loved it. Abby was a really awesome main character, she is spunky, smart and cute and is not afraid to go to India and see her mysterious dad. And that all alone!

I loved all the facts and stuff about Bollywood and India. The book was mostly about Abby and her dad learning about each other, telling each other about the years they missed and in short get a nice daughter-father bond.

There was also some romance, ah, she and Shaan were sooo cute together! I really hoped they will get a chance to get together more.

I didn’t particularly like the granddad (the one in India), who didn’t open the letter Abby’s mom send when she was pregnant. I can imagine you are afraid, you are worried, but now a child hasn’t seen her dad for 13 years, 13 years of wondering and imagining.

In overall, I would recommend this book to everyone. It is a cute read, and you will all like Abby. 🙂

4 Stars

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