Review for Bad Hair Day

Review for Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day While I loved the first book, this one was only liked.

This time instead of awesome zombies, we have werewolves (or are they?).

I had a few times that I was annoyed at Kate her attitude or how she did things. Like no one will notice the one who is supposed to guide you through a pre-med course gets arrested? What happened to communication and such?
Or the random autographing moments, or the fact Kate was a bit too cocky at times.
Also Elle, dear Lord I wanted to throttle that girl. Soooo annoying and couldn’t get a hint.

Other than that (and a few other things), the book was quite nice. I am a bit sad the werewolves turned out to be not really werewolves but just genetically overpowered humans. Death by coconuts? Nice touch, I like that. 🙂 Bit gruesome if you think of it, but still fun.

In overall a good book, but it lacked a few things that the first book had and what made me love the first book.

4 Stars

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