Review for Blood Lad, Vol. 1

Review for Blood Lad, Vol. 1

Blood Lad, Vol. 1 I won’t write a review for each volume. So just for this one.

I watched the anime of this a week or so ago, and really enjoyed it. It was silly, lovely and very interesting. Sadly the anime stopped in the middle of something (I hate when they do that), so I went to check the manga. Apparently the anime stopped at the end of volume 6. So, so far no new content.

This first volume was really good, I am really glad to see that the anime followed the manga.
I really loved the artstyle, it is a bit different from most, but I really like it, and if anything Staz looks a bit more handsome in the drawn version. 🙂

I loved Fuyumi, she is a great character.

Also really liked that they are breaking the fourth wall quite a few times. 🙂

In overall, I would recommend this to everyone. If you like vampires, werewolves, other supernatural creatures, a bit of romance, quite a bit of Otakuness, then this is a series you will enjoy.

5 Stars

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