Review for Dream Birthday

Review for Dream Birthday

Dream Birthday I received this book from the Publisher on Netgalley for an honest review.

Krystal Ball (yes lovely name btw) is a little girl who can tell fortunes, has visions and more! And soon it is her tenth birthday, but she is getting visions that tell her that her birthday may end bad.

This book was in one word adorable. The illustrations were very cute, they really made the story more alive.

Krystal was a really cute girl. I loved how spunky she was, how she picked out her clothes related to a dream or a vision.

I found the names (Krystal Ball, Claire Voyance) a little bit cliche, but also fun and interesting, I am sure kids will love it.

I will be sure to check future books of this series. It was a really fun book and I had a few laughs.

Recommended: To everyone, especially kids who are interested in a spunky young girl and who are also interested in magic or fortune telling.

3 Stars

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