Review for Finding Cinderella (Hopeless, #2.5)

Review for Finding Cinderella (Hopeless, #2.5)

Finding Cinderella (Hopeless, #2.5) First of all thanks to Gisbelle for recommending me this novella. 🙂

I really absolutely loved this book. The kisses were cute and I loved that the writer didn’t go into big detail with the sex scene. 🙂

Six is wonderful, I am glad she changed though and sticks with one guy. Daniel was an interesting guy, though I hated the way he cursed every time. But he was also cute and very attentive.

The twist? That was a bit too much, also it was practically at the end of the book so it is a shame that it wasn’t more elaborated, it felt a bit rushed.

Other then that, it was a good short book, and I will be sure to read the rest of this series too, since I want to know more about Sky and Holder.

4 Stars

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