Review for One Night That Changes Everything

Review for One Night That Changes Everything

One Night That Changes Everything This book was at some moments fun. Especially in the beginning. For the rest? No.

For something as precious to her as a notebook filled with secrets and things she wants, she is taking terrible care of it. Leaving it in a locker at school??? While you know you have problems with certain people? Why? That is just asking for it to be taken from your locker.

Then we also have our main character herself. At times I really liked her, at other times not so. Especially since in the end, her secrets and her things she wanted to do, didn’t turn out to be that big or that much.

Also her friends, well if you can call them friends… I wouldn’t. Every time she needs them, they are somewhere else, mostly with boys or using drugs. I mean seriously girl? Why are you still with them.

Then we got Cooper, I found him a bit too stalkerish.

In overall, I am disappointed in the book. Luckily it was a quick read and I could put the book away fast.

2 Stars

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