Review for Plus

Review for Plus

Plus This book, it sounded so good.. It wasn’t that good.

The problems:
1 to infinity: Brian, Brian, Brian. Our main girl kept going on and on and on about her ex Brian, how she wanted him back, how she went modelling for him, how she would betray her best friend to get him back.
She gets him back, and you can guess what happens, yeah it ends up bad. He comes on the set (why the hell does she allow him to go to the set, I mean seriously, she is pre-med but I sometimes had the feeling she was just brainless) and destroys stuff/causes problems. Dear Lord, the whole book was either about Brian (mister Dickhead (sorry for the language) as I call him) or about her modelling/school.
Seriously Brian is just a mean dude. Hello he DUMPED you, Hello he is making mean remarks about you being a plus-size girl and all you do is drool and want him???????? WTF?

Infinity and further: The whole Savannah business? The whole book we don’t hear about her after the thing that happened, and at the end, BOOM there is Savannah again. I felt like that just didn’t fit any more and the author just felt like: Oh yes I had a mean girl character named Savannah, ah darn my book is ending. Quick, quick! Let’s put her in and let her do something mean. Fixed!…

The only redeeming factor in this all, was Kevin. Sadly we don’t get any action until the last pages of the book. :\

In overall, I expected better. 1 star, and only for Kevin.

1 Stars

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