Review for Something like Normal

Review for Something like Normal

Something like Normal Book number 4 for me on the list of NA books that Gisbelle recommended me.

Small review.

I absolutely loved this book. Travis was a really likeable character and I really felt for him during the whole book. Though of course he made some stupid mistakes (having sex with your ex, who also has a new boyfriend??? Bad, very bad thing to do), but he soon knows what he is doing is wrong and focusses on the right girl again.

I loved Harper, she was a really cute and lovely girl, and I was really cheering for her and Travis to get together.

In overall, I am super happy I tried this book, it is beautiful and wonderful, though I am kind of hoping for a second book, since it felt a bit short. Like they have a relationship, and book ends. I want to know more about them, to see them together, love each other and more.

5 Stars

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