Review for Suitcase of Stars (La Bottega Battibaleno #1)

Review for Suitcase of Stars (La Bottega Battibaleno #1)

Suitcase of Stars (La Bottega Battibaleno #1) Received the book from the publisher on Netgalley for an honest review.

A little town, a boy, and a girl and her family and store with magical items. Also features, giants, mysteries and friendship. Does that sound fun? Then this book is great for you.

I was really excited to see a new series by the same author of the Ulysses Moore series. Which I liked (though I stopped at book 5 since translations were slow and the story just got different).

This book was really fun. It starts of slow though, so you have about 50 or so pages that are mostly about our main character Finley, and after that it is Finley and Aiby. And then it gets fun.

I really liked Finley, in the beginning he was really a lazy bum, but he changed, he started working, he met Aiby and he became a great and strong character. I also loved Patches, though I am surprised that everyone allowed him in (post office and other places).
Aiby, well I don’t really have an opinion on her, it is neutral, she was fun but a lot is still a mystery about her and her family. Maybe in the next book we will know more.

I will be sure to read the next book, and I will keep an eye on this series.

Recommended to everyone liking: magic, friendship, magic stores, giants, scary ruins and great characters.

4 Stars

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