Review for The Boy From The Woods

Review for The Boy From The Woods

The Boy From The Woods Lets just say, this was one of the most beautiful books I read so far. Thanks Jen Minkman for sending me a digital copy.

The book is about Julia, and Michael (or not so Michael). Julia is in love with Michael but he breaks her heart (and is pretty much a bastard at the beginning of the book). Then storms take over Austria, and while Julia walks/runs through her forest, she finds Michael, more dead than alive. He apparently crashed with his motorcycle. He wakes up, says her name and falls unconscious. How did he know her name, yet didn’t know his or anything else? And that is how it all starts.

Julia was a wonderful girl, I really loved her. Unlike many books I read, she was pretty clear to Thorsten that she liked him, but not in that way. That she was still in love with Michael. I like a girl who can say that. And I liked her, how she went to meditate in the forest, how she was when she was with her friends, how hard she worked, how much she cared about her mom and sister.

Michael, ah Michael. In the beginning of the book I truly hated his guts. He was just a prick, playboy and rude. After the accident, I was hesitant, was he truly changed? Was it still Michael? Could Julia trust him, wouldn’t she just be dumped again? But after a while, I started to love this Michael, he was wonderful, sweet, romantic. And the conclusion at the end? It kind of surprised me but also not. I had my suspicions about it.

And even though I could partially guess the ending (there were quite a few hints), it was still heartbreaking, it was so sad, and I can tell you all this, I cried. I really cried, and I am sure more people will do that.

Now to other things I loved, sorry, I practically loved everything.
I loved that it took place in Europe, Austria. I was first expecting it to be in America, or some other country that is mostly used in books. And then I found out it was Austria. So refreshing, it would be wonderful if more writers stepped out of their zone and told a story that takes place in another country.

I also really liked Julia’s friends. They were such a tight group, they cared so much for each other and it seemed they really liked each other.

Now to the one thing I didn’t like. The whole Anne in the woods part. I won’t spoil anything, but I can tell you I didn’t like it. I can see how it works with the story and especially Michael, but that didn’t lessen the fact it was quite disturbing. 🙁

In overall, this was a perfectly wonderful, sweet book. Thanks Jen Minkman for this book, thanks for giving me the chance to read it, and congrats, you made another story that I loved. I will be sure to buy this book when it comes out in paperback.

5 Stars

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