Review for The Dark Lady

Review for The Dark Lady

The Dark Lady Received the book from the publisher on Netgalley for an honest review.

Irene Adler, Sherlock Holmes and Lupin meet and solve a crime (or more crimes). This is all before they all become famous and when they were still kids.

I can say, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, from the blurb I deduced a fun book, with characters I would like (Sherlock Holmes and some others), but I didn’t know this book was this much fun and this interesting.

And it was! I loved that we finally have the point of view from Irene Adler. And that we also have Lupin, and a young Sherlock Holmes. There have been enough books that are about the young Sherlock Holmes or about him older and famous. But I haven’t found any that describe it from the view point of Irene Adler.

What I also liked was that she sometimes referred to the future. Things that she will start hate, but didn’t in the young Holmes.

I really really loved this book. It was fun, it had action, it had old English, it had mystery and it had a whole lot of friendship.

The mystery was (when you get to the end) in fact very simple, but it is written in a way that you probably won’t find out who did until almost the end, at least for the first try.

I will be sure to read the rest of the books when they get translated to English. I would love more of Irene Adler, her friendship with the 2 boys and their mysteries.

I would recommend this to everyone, kids, but also adults. I am sure everyone will love the conversations between the 3 characters, will love Irene and will love the mysteries and the chases.

5 Stars

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