Review for The Infinite Moment of Us

Review for The Infinite Moment of Us

The Infinite Moment of Us I suddenly remembered why I tend to avoid NA.

Still a decent book, at least at the beginning, at the end it just got a bit well bleh.

I liked the main girl, at the beginning when she was fighting against her parents and what they wanted. I was really cheering for her and hoping her parents would understand.

This all changed when she met our main boy. OK, not immediately but quite soon she expected him to drop everything and stay with her. She kept pushing her stuff on him. And what did he do? Oh nothing, he just went along with it.
It was quite a personality switch for both characters, and I found that a real shame.

The romance part felt a bit to instant and fast. I know there is the whole concept of love at first sight, but this was a bit too much of that.

Also the sex scenes, and especially the fact she shared nice details such as the positions or where they had sex, and how often were just a bit too big of a NOPE.

In overall, a decent book but with quite a few things wrong.

2 Stars

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