Review for Breadcrumbs

Review for Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs Let’s just say that the blurb, is somehow right, and somehow not. 🙂

I expected immediate fantasy and a search throughout a forest that is enchanted. Instead, we get about 50% before that happens stuff, filled with just friendship, friendship breaking, a wonderful girl with too much imagination and snow. After all that, we get a beautiful search throughout the woods.

I have to say I really liked Hazel, though her insecurity irked me a bit and also her obsession with Jack. I can imagine you want him as your best friend, but he should also be able to have other friends, without you being jealous as hell. She clung to him like he was a life vest and she was drowning. I wish we had more of Hazel and that other girl. I really liked those parts and how they were doing ballet and stories and more.

Hazel was a wonderful girl, though again, I wish she would open more to people. And also do her best on school. I know girl, you want to go to your fancy school with apparently no rules, but you won’t go there any more, unless of course your mom finds the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so the best is to do your best and make do.

With the whole contemporary part over, we dive head first in the fantasy part. Mysterious woods not far from her house, and Jack has been kidnapped. She takes the bare minimum with her (for a girl with imagination and book-knowledge, I would expect she would know what to bring) and goes on the journey. She meets strange people, people stuck forever in the forest, girls lost, witches and evil creatures, and last but not least, the witch that stole Jack. And let me say this, I was surprised by this witch.

But I loved the journey, and I was glad when like a lot of these books it had a HEA.

One thing though, I wish we had a little bit less referencing going on. I had to search things at times and that distracts from reading the book.

But in overall, a fun and lovely book. Really recommended to all. 🙂

4 Stars

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