Review for iDrakula

Review for iDrakula

iDrakula The blurb sounded awesome again, and again I was tempted by the cover and blurb. Gah, I really shouldn’t, but I can’t resist.

Sadly, the book just wasn’t my thing. While I liked the fact it was a bit different from most books, instead of story told in the normal way, we got the story through texts, mails and browsers screen shots.

Sadly, the story was absolutely bleh. I felt for Jonathan at the beginning, but as soon as I found out he was having sex with other girls while in relationship with the one awesome character Mina, I was pissed. I also felt like it just didn’t fit with the story, but hey, I guess we had to kill one (not saying who) and get the other to have a few affairs so that Mina and that Hellsing boy could get together. rolls eyes So cliché and so not for me.

Also, seriously one of your guys comes back totally deranged, scared and sick and you just send someone else in his place? What the hell?

But 1 star for the original story telling (text/mails), but yes, sadly nothing else was a plus for me.

1 Stars

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