Review for Ketchup Clouds

Review for Ketchup Clouds

Ketchup Clouds After finishing it, the rating is corrected to 2 stars, nothing more.

It started all great and awesome, but I was sad about a few things:
1. The whole OMG Very Important secret was revealed quite soon and it takes a long long time before we actually get to the scene of when it happened.
2. Stuart never replies, so for all we know our girl is just writing letters to herself.
3. The fact she liked 2 boys, and saw them both. Instead of just telling Max that she likes Aaron, and that while he is a nice bloke and all, that it just won’t work. But no, no, no she goes on and kisses him and all. rolls eyes

So yeah, disappointing. And while the book is divided in parts, so you know where we go back in time, it is still confusing at times. Also I felt like the beginning was very strong, weakened in the middle and just felt lame at the end.

While I kind of liked the side characters, like Dot or Soph, it just didn’t make the book good for me.

2 Stars

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