Review for Red Hill

Review for Red Hill

Red Hill I was looking forward to this book. Quite a few of my friends and also quite a few people from my group were reading it or were looking forward to it.

Sadly, I am disappointed. The first part was absolutely wonderful. Zombies everywhere, survival to get to the house, the fear for zombies, losing people they love, it was great. I loved the zombies, they were scary but also awesome. And I also like the zombies because, unlike quite a few books, these zombies came to be because of a virus, not because some magical thing.

We have 3 POVs. Nathan, who is trying to survive with his daughter. Scarlet, who is also searching for her daughters and Miranda, who was going to visit her dad. Of all of these, I disliked Miranda’s POV the most. She was also easily forgettable. For some reason, as soon as her chapter was over and we went to the next person, I forgot all about her and when we got to her again, I often was thinking to myself this: Who is Miranda? Did we have a Miranda? skips back to a few pagesOh, there was a Miranda.

Nathan was my favourite, I loved how much he did, how he protected his daughter.

Sadly, around halfway in the book, all the characters of all the POVs are now together in Red Hill Ranch. And that is where the book turns boring. Barely any zombies, and also no more survival or scavenging.

Also the sex between Nathan and Scarlet was really awkward, and then we also had the one time sexual abuse of Elleny, which, frankly, was the point were I said: NO. NOPE, NOPE!, and the part were I just skimmed through the pages to get to the last part. Which also was WTF? I mean, you don’t hear about the military for ages (only at the beginning when they shot everyone on sight, no matter if you are healthy or not), and suddenly they decide to bomb stuff and make places of safety.

So yeah it was a shame. A lot was just a bit too convenient. Things were on places you normally don’t expect, storage was magically full for years and so on.

In overall, I wouldn’t recommend this book. Maybe for the first awesome part, but the rest, no.

2 Stars

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