Review for The First (The Returned, #0.5)

Review for The First (The Returned, #0.5)

The First (The Returned, #0.5) I was quite curious about this book. It sounded a bit like zombies and yet not so.

I truly loved this book, we get the viewpoints of both the Returnee and the woman who lost him a year ago.

It was a very touching story, one where I almost shed a few tears. How the woman was confused, but also happy that he was back. That she felt sorry that she tried to forget him, that she wanted to know why he is back. I loved that she just went to him, even though she knew it might be a bit before she could see them.

I loved the point of view from the Returnee, how he was totally oblivious to all, how he just went to work and how he was shocked when people just fainted and started screaming, and how he felt when he was being interrogated.

I really, absolutely loved this story, and I am sad it was so short. I would love to read more about these two, maybe even some more beginning story of how they got together.

I would recommend this to everyone who likes a short book with a wonderful story.

5 Stars

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