Review for The Spindlers

Review for The Spindlers

The Spindlers Finally had a chance to read the book. And I can tell you, it is absolutely beautiful, stunning and wonderful.

Though the only minus point would be Liza and her attitude at times. She is a sweet girl, but sadly she kept fuzzing over Mirabella, how she was a rat and ugly and such. I found it sad that such a sweet girl was so judgemental and couldn’t drop it after a bit. No it continued throughout the book.

Other than that, it was a truly magical book. Filled with magical creatures with strange names, names like: Nids, Nocturni, Lumpen and more. I loved all the descriptions that came with all the creatures, and I kind of wish there were pictures in the book, or as a good substitute maybe that the chapter headers featured a new character every chapter and didn’t rehash the same one over and over.

The story itself was wonderful, I loved how much Liza cared for her brother, even though he was pretty annoying/obnoxious, if we have to go by her descriptions and also based on the end.

Mirabella was really interesting character, for a rat/animal, I was quite surprised at the twist near the end of the book, I really didn’t expect that.

I would recommend this book to everyone who likes a good adventure story filled with magical beings.

4 Stars

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