Review for The Vanishing of Billy Buckle

Review for The Vanishing of Billy Buckle

The Vanishing of Billy Buckle The third book in this installation, and wow.


I can say it gets better with every book. I loved the first book, of course, but if I compare that one and this one, there is a difference.

I loved this book, more mysteries. And this time we got a few new characters. Giants, scary transforming monsters (even more of a baddie than the previous enemies) and a moving house.

The characters were great, especially Emily. How even though she still has no clue as to how the store works, she keeps going, trying her best and even (and I was truly cheering for that) getting angry at Buster and giving him a piece of her mind. Go girl! Keep it up! Buster really needs that, he is, and probably will be for some time (though I hope not for long) a prick, a mean guy who just can’t accept that he won’t grow up.

Fidget, a Fidget, still a mystery at times, but he is a really awesome character and I love him and how he does his best for Emily. Tries to keep her safe and be there for her whenever she needs a shoulder to cry on, or a person whom she can talk to.

The mystery itself was really fun and I had really much pleasure in helping Emily and Buster as they went through stuff. I loved the new characters, and I hope our Giant dad and Giant Daughter will one day make a new appearance.

I already pre-ordered the 4th volume in this wonderful series. I can’t wait until it comes out!

I would also recommend this book to everyone. 🙂

5 Stars

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