Review for Thirteen Reasons Why

Review for Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why After all the raving reviews, after all the hype I heard surrounded the book, I decided to try this book.


And let me tell you. I am really disappointed in this book. For various reasons.

  1. The reasons of why she killed her. Some of them were just silly and petty and I can’t see why anyone would kill themselves for those.
  2. Our main character and his reason. Dear Lord, that was just anti-climax. Come on if you can’t make any more reasons don’t add a lame one like that, keep it it 12 reasons if you must, but don’t add someone who didn’t do a damn thing wrong, that is just bleh. I felt like the author felt like they had to add a reason to the list, because 13 sounds cooler or something, but sorry, next time just don’t. It ruined the book.
  3. The intertwining dialogues. One moment we are reading about the girl, then next the boy his thoughts and I can say, I had to re-read some parts because I got confused with how it all went and things just went in one big pile.
  4. The girl. I didn’t mind her in the beginning, but nearing the middle of the book I just wanted to smack her head.

So yeah… I didn’t really enjoy this book, and I wouldn’t recommend it to people.

2 Stars

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