Review for This Book Is Not Good For You (Secret, #3)

Review for This Book Is Not Good For You (Secret, #3)

This Book Is Not Good For You (Secret, #3) While this book was good, I felt it was a bit less then the other books.


I am not sure how to explain, something just felt off, and I also was annoyed at times at the writer of the book. Normally I don’t mind his interruptions, but it just bothered me now. You had an exciting part, and bam, author pops up. 🙁

But I still love Cassandra, she becomes a better character in every book. Max-Ernest… well is Max-Ernest.

The story was also quite good, I loved how they solved the puzzle to where Midnight Sun was located this time.

And also the side-story about Cassandra and her birth was really interesting again, I was a bit shocked at the revelation, but thinking back it wasn’t that much of a surprise.

I bought book 4 and 5 too, and when they get in I will be sure to read them immediately. I really want to know how this all (and also how Cassandra and her birth) will be solved! Soooo excited!

3 Stars

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