Review for Call Me Hope

Review for Call Me Hope

Call Me Hope Not a long review, but just a review to express my feelings and thoughts.
This was a stunning book. About a girl being verbally abused by her mom, and for most of the book, nobody does a thing. Even though most do know that it isn’t going all that well with Hope and her family. Her brother even knows about it, but just silently cheers for Hope, and does nothing more. 🙁

I loved Hope, though at times you really noticed she was a kid. Like selling your mom’s prom dress? Are you serious? I can imagine she is getting pissed at you for doing that, without her consent. That was truly the only time in the whole book that I was with the mom, and her decisions.

Other than that, Hope was a cute girl, and I loved how she grew. From little mouse and wallflower to a more active girl who tries to do more. Helping in a second-hand clothing store? Ironing clothes? Help by spreading coupons? Yes, I really started to like her character.

Also really loved the camp part, it was a totally different side from Hope, a more happy and joyful one. She finally didn’t have to be afraid, she had fun, learned a lot of things, made friends and more.

And that ending, the mom finally understood something had to be done and also did just that. Yeah for the mom!

This was at times a really sad book, no one deserves what Hope is getting, and it shows the effects on Hope. How she doesn’t feel happy, how she is afraid, but also how she tries to battle it a bit.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Read it!

4 Stars

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