Review for Darla’s Story (Ashfall, #0.5)

Review for Darla’s Story (Ashfall, #0.5)

Darla's Story (Ashfall, #0.5) I saw this book and decided to read it, since I have been interested in this series for a long time.
But after reading this? I am not sure if I want to read it. I am sure Darla will play a big role and after this book I am not sure if I like her that much.

I loved her at the beginning, she was a bit awkward with things, a bit silly, a little tomboy, but as soon as the volcano erupts and hell breaks loose she turns into a mechanical zombie that is only thinking about fixing this and that, going here and there. I felt kind of sorry for her mom. While they shared enough moments, I felt like Darla was just too cold regarding things.

Then we got Ruby, Oh God, Ruby. The reason why this book is also losing a star. She was a total idiot (sorry, but she was), determined to annoy everyone and I truly disliked how she acted and how she did things. It might have all been a show to steal stuff, but I don’t buy that. Some people are just like that. I have no clue how Darla’s mom ever stayed with her for a while without throwing Ruby out. And then the ending, it was to be expected.

I am kind of curious as to who the boy/girl/person in the shed was, so maybe I will try out book 1.

3 Stars

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