Review for Exile (Exile, #1)

Review for Exile (Exile, #1)

Exile (Exile, #1) Let’s say this book started out great, it was a real 4 star for the first few pages, but around the middle that turned into 3, and soon after that 2 and with the ending it turned into one star.
I am sorry, but the story was interesting, but it just lacked. For most of the time I didn’t understand why Caleb and Summer were still together, if they are together at all. They totally don’t match. Caleb is quite oblivious to lots of things, Summer is just a bit too demanding at times, so yeah, most of the time I only knew they were together because they stared at each other, or if they give a few rare kisses.

Then we got Val, OH GOD, I hated Val, even after I knew her history, I just couldn’t resist wanting to smack her. She was so annoying, pushing Caleb and Summer away from each other, knowing full well what the hell she was doing and she did a whole lot more of stuff that I just didn’t like. She was lying about various other things, and sure if you know her history it might be all ok, but for me no, definitely no.

Then I soon find out that this book won’t be a standalone, and that disappoints me too. I think everything could have easily be handled in one book, but the author just kept making new plot twists here and there to keep the book from stopping at one book.

The band thing was fun, and interesting, but for a manager Summer wasn’t all that good. She hid stuff (while logical, but come on, give your new band a bit of credit), gave them less chances and more stuff.

So yeah, I wouldn’t recommend this book.

1 Stars

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