Review for Fat Cat

Review for Fat Cat

Fat CatThis was a really fun book, and I really loved to read it.
The main character decides for a science project to live how people in a certain time period did. That means no to certain foods and no to a lot of modern stuff. In the beginning it was difficult and she changes it to a bit easier quite soon, but I respect that. After all, it is just barely doable that you eat like them.

I loved how she dropped weight, and how she started loving her new body, though at times was also shocked at how much attention she gets from the boys all of the sudden. And then she changes her project again to something else. Which led to lots of fun and laughs. 🙂

We also got her best friend (who was absolutely marvellous) and a guy she used to love, but now hates. We slowly find out why she hates his guts so much these days.

This was a really cute book and I would recommend it to everyone.

4 Stars

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