Review for Girls Bravo Volume 1

Review for Girls Bravo Volume 1

Girls Bravo Volume 1 I watched the anime years ago, and also read part of the manga years ago, and today I decided to start re-reading it again.
It introduces us to Yukinari, a boy who is both short and highly allergic to girls. One day when he gets home he falls into the bath and lands in the country of Siren, where he meets Miharu, the only girl who can touch him without him getting hives.

I really liked Yukinari, though he was a big wuss. Always getting his butt kicked by random girls (or guys), though most of the time it is because he brought it onto himself. Accidentally going in a bathroom without checking and more such things.

It also introduces our two antagonists, Fukuyama and his sister. I still, after all these years, hate those 2, especially Fukuyama.

It was a really fun volume, and it was nice to see the characters again, and to see Yukinari and Miharu, I can’t wait to see what will happen again between the two. I will sure be cheering for both of them. 🙂

This manga is also quite ecchi and features several pervy jokes, so I wouldn’t recommend it to people who don’t like that.

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