Review for Nobody But Us

Review for Nobody But Us

Nobody But Us Wow, what a ride this book was. In many ways good, but also in many ways not all to good. For now, I will rate the book 3.8 stars. Not close to a 4, but also not a 3.
The main characters, well especially Zoe, were awesome. Though I felt there were some things wrong.

  1. Will and his constant need to fight and maul everyone to death as soon as they touch or even think of Zoe. I really didn’t like that, and it also scared the hell out of me.
  2. Will and his constant pushing with Zoe. She wanted to give up, but he pushed and she relented and went with it.
  3. I didn’t really believe their relationship. I believe both might have liked the other, but since they both have the need to flee (Zoe from her dad, Will from everyone) they got together. In a normal setting, I wouldn’t see the two of them together.
  4. The ages, I have nothing against people who date someone who is older or younger, as long as they are both legal. And I can say that I thought it was a bit disturbing at times that Will was 18 (and thus adult) and Zoe was only 15 (probably just, considering how she acted), and you noticed it in the little things while they were having a conversation.
  5. And the most important bit. The ENDING. Dang that ending was hell, and caused at least half a star to be knocked off the rating. Sorry, but you don’t, never, even though he was a prick at times, Kill of the main character . No, just no. This ruined the book for me.

Now to the good things.

  1. The dual POV. Normally I would be against it, especially in a situation like this (both of them in a car, both of them constantly around each other), but for some reason it worked. I loved to hear Zoe’s thoughts, I loved Will’s thoughts (though sometimes I just wanted to punch his guts out).
  2. The accent that Will had, it read a bit awkward (since I never heard anyone talk like that), but I thought it fitted him.
  3. The roadtrip, I liked the little details, the deserts, the way they went through the country, through states and told stories about stars and Las Vegas.
  4. I, at least at the beginning, loved Will. Though I thought what happened was a bit extreme at the beginning, I still loved that he at least tried to save Zoe.
  5. The cover. Yes I still love a cover, and I think this one fit perfectly.

So you can see, there are good points and bad points. I still enjoyed this book really much, though again, the ending. 🙁

I would recommend this book to everyone.

4 Stars

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