Review for Out of Play

Review for Out of Play

Out of PlayThis was a wonderful, fantastical book. I really loved the two main characters and how they slowly, but surely, grew together. Grew to love each other. Even while both have problems.

Bishop has problems with pills, even if he doesn’t know it (he thinks it isn’t that bad for most of the book) while Penny doesn’t want to leave her village and wants to join the men hockey team (which her mom doesn’t want), her home situation sucks (mom is often gone, dad is dead, her grandpa is slowly losing his mind). I really liked how the writer told us about those problems, but didn’t make them all big and too much. It was all just in normal proportions.

I loved Penny, she was a really kickass character, and I loved how she grew into the person we saw in the last part of the book. And Bishop, ah Bishop, who started out like a prick but soon learned and grew. Started trying more his best and trying to get clean and fixing his life. Yeah for Bishop!

It was a wonderful book, I would really recommend it.

5 Stars

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