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Month: January 2014

Review for Higurashi When They Cry: Festival Accompanying Arc, Vol. 2

Review for Higurashi When They Cry: Festival Accompanying Arc, Vol. 2

Higurashi When They Cry: Festival Accompanying Arc, Vol. 2 Higurashi keeps getting better and better. A lot of things are revealed in this volume and we also get a good peek at the families of Rika and Satoko. I was really happy to see something of Rika’s family, though I was sad it had to end like that. Pretty gruesome too. *shivers*

Hanyu turns human in this volume and acts like she is new to the school. I really liked that, since I loved the Hanyu character. How much she tries to do for Rika and how she does her best to get through the whole reset happening, and how she copes with the deaths she keeps seeing in each world.

Also we get some more information about Keichi, and how he got to live in Hinamizawa. Still curious how his dad could see both Rika and Hanyu when he went to visit the lot where the house will be. How could he see Hanyu? By magic of a miracle?

We also see the quite fast descent to scary, murderous lady for Miyo and how she does everything to get what the hell she wants.

The ending was a nice twist. I still remember that part from the anime, so it wasn’t a total surprise for me.

Still I can’t wait for the next 2 volumes. I am really excited as to how it will end (will it be the same as the anime?).

5 Stars

Review for Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 18

Review for Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 18

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 18 Oh wow, this volume. Kimi ni Todoke keeps getting better and better. This one features various wonderful things.

1. Continuation of the wonderful, lovely confession scene + the Kiss!
I absolutely loved it, I cried, I cheered, I laughed, it was so wonderful to see Sawako and Kazehaya getting together at last. Finally they can talk and talk they do.
I must say I loved Sawako a lot in this, and you really notice that she has changed through 17 volumes to get where she is now in volume 18. Kazehaya holds a whole speech, which in short comes to the conclusion of that he is a loser. To what Sawako replies with this lovely speech, which I just have to share:

“”Haven’t you realized yet? That smile that you think is selfish, that smile has the power to cheer everyone up, to cheer me up. You said that you’re scared. You’re the only one who can hurt me. You don’t know how happy what you just said made me. You’re the only one who can move my heart. I don’t care if things get awkward or if we fight. As long, as the one who I’m awkward around and fighting with is you. You don’t have to worry about doing what’s right.””

This was just beautiful, I cried. Sawako has grown so much, that she can now express her feelings like this. I am so happy for both of them, they deserve each other.

And ahhh all the kisses *swoon*. They were all so perfect.

Of course let’s not forget the other 2 couples. Chizu and Ryu, I am still hoping and cheering for those 2, and Ryu already made a good start by giving her that wonderful christmas present (and being totally embarrassed by it when he finds out she showed it to her friends). 🙂

Then we have Ayane-chan, she finally found her prince charming, in Kento!!!! *cheers and squeals* Sooo happy that those 2 are now a couple, finally Ayane-chan found someone who thinks she is special and who really likes her.

This volume was super special, and I can’t wait for 19 to come out in a few months!!

5 Stars