Review for Sidelined

Review for Sidelined

Sidelined Just a short review to express my thoughts.

This book was pretty awesome. I didn’t always like the main character, while I understood why she acted like she did, I felt like she shouldn’t think so negative of herself, of her future and everything. Everyone was trying to help her and she mostly pushed them away, some even worse than others. I can imagine, her whole future is shattered and she has to find a new future, but she doesn’t take anyone’s hand, she tries to everything herself, and you can see where that led her, into drug use/using pills. And that again led her into problems with the police/judges.

It was a really sad thing, but I felt like the author did it realistically. How one gradually goes from just using the pills for pain, to using them because you think you need them and doing everything to get them. And also shows how fast that can happen.

I really liked the ending though, how hard she is fighting to get everything back on track, but also knowing that she will be stuck with an addiction problem, how she knows that no matter what, she can always revert back to that state.

I really hope the MC will find happiness and finds a wonderful new future for herself. 🙂

4 Stars

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