Review for The Geography of You and Me

Review for The Geography of You and Me

The Geography of You and Me Let’s just say I expected better.


The blurb sounded awesome, sadly, those mails, those postcards and even their first reunion is all a lie. They met in New York, their first reunion is in San Francisco, their second? Yes that one is in New York. Mails? Postcards? Yes sure, for a small bit, but mostly you don’t even see or hear about the mails and the postcards. Just that they were sent, but nothing more.

Also the whole travelling thing? Only happened around half-way in the book. So yeah, disappointed.

I loved the dual POV, but I don’t know, I just didn’t like Owen. I felt like he just gave up on Lucy quite soon with a new girl, while Lucy was still unsure about the guy she now likes. I felt like Owen based all his decisions on his dad, how he felt and how he is doing. I can imagine that he wants to stick to his dad, but come on guy, you have to live to. I am sure your dad wants that too. Luckily nearing the end Owen starts to see that too, and luckily his dad is indeed very happy that he will be moving on, of course also sad, but he knows his son will always be close to him.

Also sad that after the whole reunion, we never hear anything about either Paisley or Liam. Owen and Lucy go and travel a lot, one in the US, the other in Europe. But it all felt a bit meh to me.

And then suddenly, chapter 25 to 34 were just simple 1 or 2 or maybe 3 or 4 sentences chapters. I felt cheated with that. 🙁

The ending was lovely, and of course, very cliché. Very very cliché. But ok, it was enjoyable.

In overall I would give the book 2 stars. It was ok, nothing more than that.

2 Stars

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