Review for The Great Wall Of Lucy Wu

Review for The Great Wall Of Lucy Wu

The Great Wall Of Lucy Wu I am not sure if I liked the book or hated it.

So 2 stars for now.

Sorry, but Lucy was for most of the book a whiny, conceited little brat. She started to change around halfway, but sorry, that won’t save the book any more for me.

I really wanted to slap Lucy and tell her to just look at the good things instead of focussing on everything that is OH SO BAD, boohoo.

Sure her parents also aren’t that great, not telling Lucy about things, or having high expectations of her. And Regina, gosh I was so happy she was out of the picture soon. I can’t imagine a whole book with miss know-it-all and miss I-am-sooo-much-better-than-you. I really hate that kind of character.

And we still didn’t have any conclusive in regards with Harrison and Lucy. I would love to know if they got a bit further then the whole shuffle-around-each-other-phase, which was just awkward.

So yeah, nice book at times, but mostly I was just annoyed with most of the characters.

2 Stars

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