Review for The Little Android (The Lunar Chronicles, #0.9)

Review for The Little Android (The Lunar Chronicles, #0.9)

The Little Android (The Lunar Chronicles, #0.9) This was a short story, and it was very cute/adorable.

I felt sorry for our little android, she saves a life and what does she get? That her behaviour is strange, that she should be scrapped/re-programmed. Poor thing, luckily she escapes.

And she meets Linh Cinder. cheers I really liked the exchange between Mech6.0 and Linh, though I wish it would have gone differently.

It had a lot of similarities with the Little Mermaid story, girl falls in love with a guy she cannot have, she saves him, loses her voice and trouble arises, though it doesn’t all go as that story. Sadly. 🙁

The ending was a bit confusing, but soon becomes clearer. For some reason I liked the ending, though I had expected differently and I am a bit sad.

3 Stars

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