Review for The Odd Job Squad

Review for The Odd Job Squad

The Odd Job Squad Received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

It all started interesting, but soon started to slow down. I expected a book about Odd Job Squad, who take revenge for those who were treated unjustly, but quite soon it all started to go around mystery texts and other things. It was a nice change, but I didn’t expect it so soon in the book, I was expecting it more like nearing halfway point or 60% of the book. Now I felt a bit cheated on.

But it is still an interesting concept/idea for a book. A group that takes revenge for others. And it was very nice to see the other side of the story too. What does revenge do? Are you really that good? Is it ok what you do? What would happen if you mess with someone and it goes all wrong?

I also liked that it all took place in San Francisco, really hope to one day visit the US and go there. It was really fun seeing them go through the city, seeing Ander going through the city, through parks and streets.

And it was really fun to see him try his best to get some tickets for a lame boy-band. Even singing a song in CHINESE (which btw, he learned from eating dozens of fortune cookies).

It was also interesting to see a few reports on things they did as the Odd Job Squad.

In short this was a nice, cute book. If you like books about school, a bit of romance, finding out about yourself and more, then this is a book you will like. 🙂

4 Stars

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