Review for The Secret Year

Review for The Secret Year

The Secret Year I will keep it short, this book was good.

There were some parts that weren’t that good (mostly had to do with Julia and her attitude). I loved the rest of the book though, the secret relationship, the after effects when someone you care about dies and then how to continue with life. How to live, how to start loving someone else.

I loved Colt, he was an indecisive guy at times (especially with his best friend and what happened with that), but he was a good guy and his heart was in the right place.

Julia, well I didn’t like her that much. We mostly find out about her through her diary/letters to Colt book. And my impression from there is that she was just afraid to dump her boyfriend and take Colt as her boyfriend. She kept saying she was going to break up and never did. Continuing with her secret relationship with Colt.

I loved the whole poor versus rich thing that was also happening. Colt lived in the flats (mostly poor people) while Julia and various other people lived in the mountains and were rich.

So yeah, I really liked this book, and I would recommend this to everyone. 🙂

4 Stars

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