Review for Where You’ll Find Me

Review for Where You’ll Find Me

Where You'll Find Me First of all, while I can understand the reasons why you kept a hot boy in your garage, I still find it very stupid to do so.

You don’t even know what he did, why he is running, if he is safe or if he is dangerous.
I would have called the police. Sorry for the guy and all, but just no.

Other than that, the book was quite decent. I loved how slowly they grew to like each other, even ending up loving each other.

It was really nice to see how the secrets they both had were revealed. Hers faster than his, but nonetheless, well done. They both were running for a past, for something that happened, and both learn to seek each other instead of running away.

I would recommend this to people, but only to those who can live with the whole she-is-keeping-a-boy-in-her-garage part.

3 Stars

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